A New Record of Parasitoid Trechnites flavipes (Mercet) ‎‎(Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae) on the Pauropsylla buxtoni ‎‎(Laing, 1924) that Infests Cultivated Fig in Syria

Mahran Zeity(1)*and Majeda Mofleh(2)

(1). Agriculture Research Center in Lattakia, General Commission for Scientific and Agricultural Research, (GCSAR), Damasucus, Syria.

(2). (GCSAR), Damasucus, Syria.

(* Corresponding author: Dr.  Mahran Zeity. E-Mail: mzma2009@gmail.com).

Received: 17/03/2020                               Accepted: 10/04/2020


The study was conducted to identify the parasitoid of the fig gall psyllid, Pauropsylla buxtoni, which was collected from Damascus, Syria during 2019. The parasitoid of the psyllid was collected from the infested leaves in plastic boxes with moistened cotton and was kept at a laboratory condition for the emergence of the adult parasitoid. The parasitoid was identified as Trechnites flavipes (Mercet), which was recently reported in Palestine during 2018.This study provided a new collection data about two psyllid species that infests the cultivated fig in Syria, namely, fig gall psyllid, Pauropsylla buxtoni and the free living fig psyllid, Homotoma ficus.

Key words: Syria, Parasitoid, Cultivated fig, Homotoma ficus, Bio-control.

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