Editorial Board


 Editorial Board

Editor in Chief

Dr. Muwafak JBOUR

Horticulture Sciences

Co-editor in Chief

Dr. Nabila Kridi

Soil Microbiology

Secretary of Journal

Dr.Tahani Alidee

Food Science

Statistical analysis

Dr.Hesham Fouzat Alatwani

Molecular Genetics Crop Breeding

Journal Website Supervisor

Aida Laila

Information Technology Engineer


International Editorial Board

Dr. Nidhi NAGABHATLA Water Management and Environment    United Nations University, Institute for Water, Environment, and Health (UNU-INWEH). Canada
Dr. Abazar RAJABI Plant Breeding and Genetics. Plant Breeding Department, Sugar Beet Seed Institute (SBSI), Karaj. Iran.  
Dr. Jiban SHRESTHA Plant Breeding and Genetic,Nepal Agricultural Research Council,National Maize Research Program. Nepal.  
Dr. Ahmad AL SAOUD Plant Protection/Insect. Freelance consultant. United Arab Emirates  
Dr.Ahmed Ibrahim Youssef Al-Abadi
Scientific researcher Agricultural Research Department / Iraqi Ministry of Science and Technology Plant breeding and nutrition  
Dr. Khalid Ali Ahmed Al Hakimi Crop Production
Ibb University, Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences, Yemen
Dr. REBHI Abdelghani Elmahdaoui   Ziane Achour University of Djelfa. Algeria Sciences of Nature and Life Faculty.  
Dr. Shamaail Saewan Food Science. Faculty of Agriculture, Basra University.  Iraq.  
Dr. Mahmoud Abd El-Samie Mohamed ALI Plant protection/Entomology and Apiculture Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt  
Dr. Mohammed Salem ALTARAWNEH Agricultural Economics and Extension, Jerash University, Jordan.  
Dr. Abdulbasit IBRAHIM Horticulture, Palm Physiology, Sultanate of Oman.  
Dr. Merfat Taher Ben Mahmoud Soil and Water Science, Tripoli University, Libya  
Dr. Shekhmous HUSSEN Poultry Breeding & Genetics, Duhok University, KR-Iraq.  
Dr. Lina Samir Mohammed Al-DAIRAWI Food Chemistry, Protein Chemistry, University of Basra, Iraq  
Dr. Rania Ahmed Hassan ONSA
Floriculture /Faculty oAgriculture/Horticulture Department/University of Bahri – Khartoum- Sudan.  
Dr. Mohammed Alwan SLMAN Plant protection Department. Office: Agriculture College/ Basrah University  


International Reviewers
Dr. moslem ashor Al-ETBY
Taxonomy insect, Beekeeping University of Basrah, Iraq,College of Agriculture,Department of Plant Protection  
Department of Plant Protection, Coll. of Agriculture, Univ. of Basrah, Iraq  
Dr. Mu’ad Abdu-Latif KIYYAM Horticulture, Field Crops and Plant  tissue culture, Jerash University, Jordan.  
 Ph.D Haitham Rajab Manhee Al-KAISI
General specialty: Animal production Poultry breeding.  
Dr. Awadallah Belal DAFAALLAH Crop protection (Weed Science), Gezira University, Sudan.  
Dr. AbdulMageed Abdullah ALI Food Science and Technology, Sana’a, University, Yemen.  
Dr. Hazem Diab Aref SAWALHA Molecular Virology, Arab American University, Palestine  
Dr. Qusay Hamid AL_HAMADANY Fish Nutrition and Technology, Al Basrah University, Iraq  
Dr. Ghalib N.H. AL.SHIMMERY Handling and Storage of Horticulture Crops (Fruits), University of Dyala, Iraq  
Dr. Ammar AL TEMIMI Food Science, Al Basrah University, Iraq  
Dr. Nihad Abdulateef  Ali KADHIM Avian physiology, Animal Production, Al Qasim Green University, Iraq.  
Dr. Ali Mohammed  RAJA Soil conservation, Desert Studies  Center, Anbar University, Iraq.  
Dr. Mahfouz AL_BACHIR Food irradiation, Organization of Atomic Energy, Syria.  
Dr. Messaoudi MOHAMMED Economic, University of Hamma Lakhdher, Algeri  

Editorial Board

Prof. Dr. Abd El-Nabi BASHIR Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Damascus University
Prof. Dr. Abd ElMohsen AlSyied OMAR Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Aleppo University
Prof. Dr. Ibrahim hamdan Saker Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Tishreen University
Prof. Dr. Mohamad ALMASRI Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Al Baath University
Prof. Dr. Omar Abd AlRazzak Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Al Furat University
Prof. Dr. Majed Moussa Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Hama University
Dr. Bahaa AL RAHBAN Plant Protection Sciences
Dr. Ahmad JUMAA Field Crops Sciences
Dr.  Soultan ALYAHYA Breeding wheat
Dr.  Maysoun M.SALEH Genetics Resources
Dr. Abdallah Al YOUSEF Field Crops Sciences
Dr.  Mouhamad ALHOSHA Potato breeding,  drought  physiology and biochemistry
Dr.  Bayan M. Muzher Genetics-Molecular Biology
Dr.  Mahasen TWAKALNA Fruit culture(Pomology:Fruit production and propagation by seeds, cuttings and grafting
Dr.  Bassam Ibrahim OUDEH Plant protection -Economic Entomology
Dr. Tarek HASAN Fungi  Science
Dr.  Nader Yousef Asaad Plant Virologist & Chickpea Breeder
Dr. Al Muaatasem Bellah AL DAKER Animal Production Sciences
Dr.  Abdel Naser AL _ Omar Microbiology
Dr.  Yasser Kert Animal production feed ruminants
Dr. Badr ELDIN JALAB   Soil science
Dr. Ayman HEJAZY  Crop water requirments, crop simulation model specialest
Dr.Ammar Ali ABBAS  Water resource management in agriculture
Dr. kenana KAMAL AL-DEEN Economic Studies Sciences
Dr. Wael Habib Economertric analysis of agricultural production and  marketing
Dr. Wasim Mohsen Plant tissue culture, Biotechnology
Dr. Shahinaz ABBAS Biotechnology/ molecular markers
Dr. Mohamad ALSHEHABI Food Sciences