Testing of Solar Drier Design for Dried Agriculture Products (Peas Seed)

Saker Algadban (1)*

(1). Second Faculty of Agriculture,  Damascus University, Damascus, Syria.

(* Corresponding author: Saker Algadban. E-mail: alkadsaker@gmail.com.)

                   Received:16/11/2021                         Accepted: 20/03/2022 


This research aimed to investigate the work of a solar drier designed to dry agricultural products for storage. In the experiment, green peas seeds were used, and the number of hours needed for drying them was counted, in comparison with the time needed by using the natural solar drying process (outside the drier). This experiment was designed by using Simple Random Sectors; thus this experiment has two drying treatments: drying inside the drier and the control (natural solar drying), and each treatment included three replications. The highest temperature inside the solar drier reached 54oC at 14,30 with sunshine, whereas the lowest temperature inside the drier was 28oC at 23,30 at night.  The drying process inside the dryer was better than that of the control with respect to average temperatures starting from 11,30 a.m. until the end of the measurement time, as it took 7.5 hours to reach the ideal storage humidity of 4% for the peas inside the dryer, while outside the dryer it took 26.5 hours.

Keywords: Solar drier, Natural draining, peas.

Full paper in Arabic: pdf