Evaluation of Genotypes and Inversely Effect of Full Diallel Traits of Hybrid Cherry Tomato

Othman Kalid Alwan*(1) and Mohammed Salman Mohammed(2)

(1). Department of Horticulture and Landscape Design.College of Agriculture.Diyala University. Iraq.

(2). Department of Horticulture and Landscape Design.College of Agriculture Diyala University.Iraq.

(*Corresponding author: Dr. Othman kalid Alwan . E-Mail: athman56@yahoo.com)

Received:31/10/2021               Accepted:31/10/2022


The experiment was carried out in the greenhouses of the extension farm in Diyala Governorate for the seasons (2020-2021) and (2021-2022), where ten strains of cherry tomatoes imported from the Tomato Genetic Resources Center (TGRS) at the University of California Davis Institute were planted in the first season. Five pure lines of tomatoes (LA4451, LA4753, LA3334, LA3538 and LA4689) were selected andt symbolized (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5), respectively, and entered into Full Diallel crossing program for the production of individual hybrids, In the second season , The compositions were evaluated . The results showed that there was a significant effect of the genotypes, as the parent (LA4451) outperformed the average fruit weight, the yield of one plant and the total yield (8.41 g, 2.72 kg and 3.40 tons) on the Fruit hardness,Total soluble solids( TSS), acidity (3.34, 5.11 and 2.56) respectively, vitamin C and anthocyanins (17.81 and 63.13) respectively. (LA3538) Lycopene n (3.87). The parent (LA4689) surpassed the number of fruits (512.33 fruits). The superiority of the hybrid (1×2) with vitamin C (19.21) and the superiority of the hybrid (1×4) significantly in the average fruit weight, yield of one plant, and total yield (13.45 g, 4.66 kg, and 5.82 tons, respectively), fruit hardness and total acidity (3.36 and 3.18) on the straight . Hybrids (2×3) and (2×4) also outperformed with early ripening (40.66 and 40.33 days), respectively. The superiority of the two hybrids (2 × 5) in beta-carotene (0.470). The superiority of the hybrid (5×4) in the number of fruits (521.33 fruits). The superiority of the hybrid (1×5) with anthocyanins (63.27). The superiority of the hybrid (4×1) with TSS, lycopene and total sugars (5.10, 3.94 and 15.16), respectively. The hybrids (3×2), (4×1), (4×2), (5×2) and (5) ×1) Inverseness with significant inverse effect ability for most of the studied traits.    

Key words: Inversely Effect. Reciprocal. Full Diallel .Cherry Tomato Hybrid.

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