The Effect of Method And Date of Grafting and Some Biological and Genetic Indicators of Scions on the Success of Grafting Ceratonia Siliqua L. Seedlings and on Some Vegetative Characteristics of Produced Seedlings

Fadi Kazngi (1)*

(1). Department of Natural Resourses, General Commission for Scientific, Agricultural Research, Latakia, Syria.
(*Corresponding author: Dr. Fadi Kazngi. E-Mail:

Received: 19/11/2021                     Accepted:25/03/2022


This research was carried out during 2015 – 2018 in the agricultural scientific research center in Lattakia. The research aimed to study the effect of grafting date (spring and autumn), the method of grafting (whip and bud), and some biological and genetic indicators of Rootstock and Scion important, on the success of grafting and the development of Scions in Carob seedlings. One year rootstocks resulted by two chosen genetic types, namely, Snobar Jablah and Alhafa were used. Scions were taken either from seedlings with age of one year resulted by these two types or from branches aged one year from the trees of the selected two types as well. Grafting was conducted by using Whip Graft and T-budding way in spring and autumn. The date of spring grafting showed a significant effect on rates of grafting success and on the indicators of growth and development of the grafts of the genetic types, (Snobar and Alhafa) and methods of grafting. Also the effective role of the grafting method appeared sense, the whip grafting was significantly superior to the Bud grafting on rates of grafting success in the indicators of growth and development of grafts genetic types studied, and dates of grafting. Auto-grafting has indicated the importance of the role of biological and genetic factors of grafts and their impact in the rates of grafting success. Auto-grafting significantly surpassed Hetero-grafting for both of two genetic types, and dates of grafting. In addition, Auto-grafting has shown a significant surpass on other kinds of grafting, in the development of scions.
Keywords: Carob, whip grafting, Bud grafting, Biological and genetic indicators.

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