Detection of some Heavy Metal Elements in some Types of Spices Sold in the Local Market

Camellia Halabi (1)* and Fouad Salman (1)

(1). Food science department, Faculty of Agriculture, Tishreen University, Lattakia, Syria.

(*Corresponding author: Eng. Camillia Halabi. E-Mail:

Received 5/03/2022            Accepted 2/04/2022.


The study was conducted on a number of heavy metals (Zinc, copper, and lead) in three different types of spices (red pepper, ginger, and coriander) available in the local market. The samples were collected and prepared using concentrated nitrogen acid and ultra-pure concentrated hydrochloric acid. The amount of these metals was estimated using the atomic absorption device the results showed rhat the highest percentage of zinc in red pepper was 2.64 ppm and the highest percentage of lead and copper in coriander was 1.69 and 0.72 ppm, respectively, and that the levels of heavy metals in these spices were acceptable within the standard limits approved by the organization World Health and Food and Agriculture Organization.

Keywords: spices, heavy metals, atomic absorption, local market.

Full paper in Arabic: pdf