Study of the Rheological Properties of Flour Produced From Some Varieties of Syrian Wheat and their Mixtures Using Mixolab

Rabab Saoud(1)*,  Ramez Mohammad(1) and  Sanaa Sara(2)

(1). Department of Food Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture , Tishreen University, Lattakia. Syria

(2). Department of Biology, Faculty of Science , Tishreen University, Lattakia. Syria

(*Corresponding author: Eng. Rabab Saoud. E-Mail:

Received 10/12/2021         Accepted 20/03/2022


The aim of the research is to study the rheological properties of flour extracted from four varieties of Syrian wheat at extraction rate 70% after mixing them with each other as follows: /Sham4 – Sham8 – (Sham4 and Sham5) – (Sham4 and Sham7)- (Sham8 and Sham5) – (Sham8 and Sham7)/ Using the Mixlab device, the research was carried out in cooperation between the grain laboratory at the Faculty of Agriculture at Tishreen University and the grain laboratory in the General Organization for Trade, Storage and Processing of Grains, Latakia Branch during the period 2020- 2021, The results showed an increase in C2 values ​​in flour after adding 20% ​​of durum wheat to the mixtures, and the highest value was in the flour (Sham4 and Sham5) 0.46 N. M-1, C3 values ​​ranged between (1.59-1.82) N. M-1, and the lowest value was in flour (Sham4 and Sham7) mixture, C4 values ​​ranged between (1.5-1.87) N. M-1 and the lowest values ​​were in Cham8 and its mixtures, while C5 values ​​ranged between (3.03-3.36) N. M-1, The results also showed an increase in the stability of dough by adding durum wheat to the mixtures, and the values ​​ranged between 6 minutes in the flour of Cham8 and 7.47 minutes in the flour of the mixture (Sham4 and Sham5), the water absorption values ​​ranged between (55-57.03)% and the development time between (3.33-4.16) minutes, The results of the research showed that the flour of the mixture (Sham4 and Sham5) was the strongest flour among the studied samples, and the flour of Cham4 variety was superior to the flour of Cham8 in terms of rheological properties.

Keywords: durum wheat flour, soft wheat flour, rheological properties of Syrian wheat flour, mixolab.

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