The Effect of Boron Fertilizer Application Method and Level on the Production and Quality Traits of Two Sugar Beet Varieties

Hyam Al Numan(1) Entessasr Al Jbawi*(2) Thamer Al Huniesh(2) Ziad Al Ibrahim(3) Zuhair Al Jasem(3) Nahla Al Mahmoud(3) and Ahmad Al Abdallah(3)

(1). Crops Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Al Furat University, Der Al Zur, Syria.
(2). Sugar Beet Department, Crops Research Administration, General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research (GCSAR). Damascus, Syria.
(3). Scientific Agricultural Research Center in Der Al Zur, (GCSAR), Der Al zur, Syria.

(*Corresponding author: Dr. Entessar Al JBawi, E-mail:

Received: 08/03/ 2015                                     Accepted: 18/06/ 2015


The experiment was conducted at Al Muriea Station, Der Al Zur Agricultural Research Center, (GCSAR), Syria, during 2010/2011 season, in a loamy silt soil, the soil composed of 40 and 32% of clay and silt, respectively. NPK contents were 4.1:10.9:121.5 respectively, while boron content was 1.56%. This study aims to study the effect of boron fertilizer application method and level on the production and quality traits of two sugar beet varieties, one was monogerm (Scorpion), the other was multigerm (Nadir). Split plot design with three replications was used. Boron fertilizer was appointed in the main plots, but the varieties were allocated randomly in the sub plots. Four levels of ground boron fertilizer were added to the soil (as Borax 11%) (5, 10, 15, and 20 Kg Borax/Ha), and two levels of spray boron fertilizer (as Borax 11%) were sprayed on the leaves (10, and 20 Kg Borax/Ha), besides the control treatment, the total treatments of boron addition were six. The results showed that ground boron application has no significant effects on the studied traits, because of the high content of boron in the soil 1.56 ppm. The results exhibited a significant effect of the spray boron on sugar and root yields (ton/ha).

Keywords: Sugar beet, Varieties, Production and quality traits.

Full paper in Arabic: تأثير طرق ومعدل إضافة البورون في الخصائص الإنتاجية والنوعية لصنفين من الشوندر السكري