Effect of Spraying with Bread Yeast on Some Productive and Qualitative Characteristics of Coriander Plants coriandrum sativum L

Hala Mohammad (1)*

(1) Field crops department, Faculty of Agriculture,  Tishreen University, Lattakia,  Syria.

(*Corresponding author: Dr. Hala Mohammad. E-Mail: halamohammad445@gmail.com).

Received:23/09/2021          Accepted:30/11/2021


The research was carried out in Lattakia Governorate – Jableh (Arab Al-Malik) region – for the agricultural season 2020-2021 to study the effect of spraying with bread yeast on the productive and qualitative characteristics of coriander plants, where four concentrations (0, 4, 8, 12) g/l were studied. In a random sector manner, yeast was sprayed three times (the beginning of branching, the beginning of flowering, and the beginning of the decade), the averages were recorded and the significant differences were calculated, where the results showed that the treatment of 12 g/l in all the studied traits was significantly superior to the control and to the other studied concentrations. It also achieved significant superiority in the trait (number of inflorescences, the weight of 1000 fruits, hectare productivity, and percentage of essential oil (0.4%), while there were no significant differences between the two concentrations (4.8 g/l) in the trait (number of leaves and number of inflorescences) on the plant. The percentage of essential oil

Keywords: Coriander, Bio-Fertilizer, Bread Yeast, Productive Qualities, Essential Oil.

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