Farmers’ Perception of Climate Change: An Analysis of Annotated Bibliography

Nour Shahin(1)                   

(1) Water engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Damascus University, Syria

(*Corresponding author: Nour Shahin . E-Mail:

Received:7/03/2021            Accepted:25/04/2021


Climate change and its heinous effect on agriculture are inevitably impacting the farmers’ livelihood. Climate change and farmers’ perception of it have increasingly been considered important among researchers and induce them to look for scientific discourse and strategy. This paper provides an analysis of existing scientific research contributions on farmers’ perceptions about climate change from 1999 to 2020. The bibliometric method was used for the analysis of 888 articles from the Scopus database. The results were analyzed with specific variables and represented through clusters of geographical networking maps by using VOS viewer (version 1.6.15). Among the top 10 countries on the basis of a higher number of research papers contributed, the United States is identified as the top country followed by Australia and the United Kingdom. The central axis of the research papers from these countries has been temperature, rainfall, traditional knowledge, smallholders, and adaptation strategies. Ghana, being the lowest contributing country, has been suffering from climate change-induced disasters. Interestingly, it has been statistically. Moreover, this correlation might have been influenced by other factors, which may be stuto ascertained that the higher the research-based based scientific publication, the lower (better) the climate change vulnerability index among the countries studied. However, it is also found that this correlation is not significant further.

Keywords: Agriculture, Climate change, Perception, Bibliometric analysis.

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