Assessment the Effect of Aqueous Extract of Peganum ‎harmala Seeds on Fertility of Male Mice

Samira Musa ELghul*(1) Nagia Musa Sasi(2) and  Ebtesam Mohammed Ahmed(3)

(1). Zoology Department, Faculty of Science, Tripoli University, Libya.

(2). Biotechnology Center, Tripoli, Libya.

 (3). Zoology Department, Collage of Science, Sirte University, Libya.

(*Corresponding author: Samira Musa ELghul. E. Mail:

Received: 22/03/2020                               Accepted: 18/05/2020


Peganum harmala is one of the medicinal plants, it is a widely used in a traditional medicine to treat several diseases, so the aim of this study was to evaluate of effect of aqueous extract of Peganum harmala seeds on fertility in male mice. Sixteen male mice were used in this study at age of 6 – 10 weeks, they were divided into two groups of 8 mice each, the control group was given distilled water by mouth, while another group was received aqueous extract of Peganum harmala seeds at a dose of (300 mg/kg) for three weeks. The results showed a significant decline in body and epididymis weight in the treated group comparing to the control group. There was no any effect of aqueous extract of Peganum harmala on sperm parameters and testicular tissue. Also no significant change was observed in percent of deformed embryos and dead embryos of females impregnated by males treated with the aqueous extract when compare to control.

Key words: Peganum harmala, Male mice, Testis, Fertility.

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