A Survey Study on Mushroom Cultivation Knowledge of ‎Participant’s at Kapasia in Gazipur, Bangladesh ‎

Kamal Krishna Mistry*(1)and Kazi Farhad Iqubal(2)

(1). Department of Agriculture and Environmental Science, Akbar Ali Khan Technical Institute (Education Complex) under the Ministry of Education, Comilla-3517, Bangladesh.

(2). Department of Environmental Science, State University, Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

(* Corresponding author: Dr. Kamal Krishna Mistry, E-Mail: kkmistryphd@yahoo.com ).

Received: 05/02/2020                               Accepted: 23/03/2020


The survey was carried out to determine the knowledge of mushroom cultivation by the farmers. The study was conducted at five villages of Kapasia Gazipur in Bangladesh. Data was collected randomly from 97 selected trained farmers from list of 972 farmers of the study area that was done through personal contact by interview schedule during the period from 01 to 30 June 2019. The study revealed that the highest 60.82% of the respondents had medium knowledge on mushroom cultivation, while 27.64 percent had low knowledge and the rest 16.50 percent had the highest knowledge on mushroom cultivation. The correlation analysis indicated that education, belief about the mushroom, neighborhood influence, length of training, organizational participation and adoption of mushroom cultivation of the farmers. Age, family size and extension contact had no significant relationships with their knowledge of mushroom cultivation.

Key words: Mushroom cultivation, Trained farmers, Bangladesh.

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