Effect of Some Ethanol Plant Extracts and Pesticides on Aphid Insect (Brevicoryne brassicae)

Mohamed Haji* (1)  , Dahs Aiz Al- Din (1) , Zakaria Al –Naser(1)

(1). Dept.  of Plant Protraction, Faculty of Agriculture, Damascus University, Damascus, Syria

(*Corresponding author: Mohamed Haji E-mail: mohamad.a.haji92@gmail.com).

Received:18/10/2021              Accepted: 19/03/2022


The study was carried out in the laboratory of pesticides in Plant Protection Dept. Faculty of agriculture / Damascus Univ. during 2019-2020 . The study aimed to evaluate the efficacy of ethanol plant extracts from leaves of Inula viscos L , Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehnh., Melia azedarach  and Tagete spatula L.  and pesticides, Thiamethoxam (Neonicotinoids), Chlorpyrifos-ethyl (Organophosphates), on Brevicoryne brassicae Linnaeus, 1758. (Hemipter: Aphididae), Azadirachtin (Nime oil) and Cypermethrin (Pyrethroids) in laboratory’s conditions. Results proved that ethanol extract of I. viscos and  E. camaldulensis, leaves significantly exceed on the all other extracts treatments on the insect of Brevicoryne brassicae. Also, Thiamethoxam insecticides was significantly exceed on the all other pesticides treatments. Efficacy of the tested ethanol plant extracts and insecticides increased by the concentrations extracts and increasing.  Results showed that the LC50 values obtained for 48 h were, 591.17 , 658.41, 816.32 and 2366.87 ppm for I. viscos, E. camaldulensis, M. azedarach and T. spatula respectively. Where, he LC50=151.54, 180.36, 220.50 and 265.32 ppm values for Thiamethoxam , chlorpyriphos ethyl, Cypermethrin and Azadirachtin respectively.

Keywords: Brevicoryne brassicae, Plant extracts, Pestcides.

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