The Efficacy of some Pesticides Supplied with Summer Oil on Females of Dactylopius Opuntiae In Al-Sweida Governorate, Syria

Mazen Bufaur (1)*, Rami Bohamdan(1), Waed Ghanem(1) and Mohammad Al-allan(2)

(1).  Al-SweidaResearch Center , Al-Sweida, Syria.

(2).  Scientific Agricultural Research commission, Syria.

(*Corresponding author: Dr. Mazen Bufaur, Email:

Received:20/08/2021                  Accepted:13/02/2022


A field experiment was executed to compare the efficacy of some insecticides Supplied with summer oil on females of Dactylopius opuntiae (Dactylopiidae; Hemiptera) which was recently recorded in Syria. Acetamiprid 20%, Chlorine-perphos ethyl 48%, Dimethoate 40%,  Delta-permethrin100q/l and summer oil were used as a foliar spray and control, The results were showed that the efficacy of Acetamiprid, Chlorine-perphos ethyland Dimethoate treatments were the best after one and two weeks of spraying with significant different Deltamethrin and summer oil treatments.The efficacy of Chlorpyrifos was reduced with Significant different with Acetamiprid and Dimethoate treatments in the third week after treatment. Using summer oil only has made a recorded efficacy on females during of three weeks after treatment.

Key words: Dactylopius opuntiae, Acetamiprid, Chlorine-perphos ethyl, Dimethoate, Delta-permethrin, and Summer oil.

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