Survey and Identification of Host Plants of Leaf Miner Insect Phytomyza Horticola in Fields of Dhi-Qar Province South of Iraq

Mustafa Jawad Al-Fayyadh (1)*

(1). Agriculture College, Sumer University, Dhi- Qar, Iraq

(*Corresponding author: Mustafa Al-Fayyadh

Received:13/08/2021             Accepted:7/03/2022


A survey of Phytomyza horticola host plants was conducted in fields of Dhi-Qar province from four stations, during the period from January 2019 to January  2021, the infected leave were collected from different plants and the larvae were reared under the conditions of laboratory, the adults were identified according to their taxonomic keys. In current study eleventh families and fourteenth species were recorded as a host plant of Phytomyza horticola in Dhi-Qar province.

Keywords:   Phytomyza horticola, Dhi-Qar, leaf miner, Iraq.

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