Effect of Mediterranean Vegetation in som Morphological Characteristics of Laurus nobilis,L. Which Spreed in Lattakia-Syria.

Wafaa Ghandour * (1) and Lina Rayya (2)

(1). Department of botany, Faculty of sciences, Tishreen university, Lattakia, Syria.

(2). Agricultural Research Center , Latakia , Syria.

(*Corresponding author:Lina Rayya, E-Mail:, Ali.m.lina.75@gmail.com).

Received:2/11/2021            Accepted:6/03/2022


This study was carried out  in Tishreen University, Scientific Agricultural Research Center in Lattakia during /2019-2020/ on Laurus nobilis spreed in three sites of various altitude representing the Mediterranean vegetation in the Syrian, Lattakia,which are(Kassab,Goubet Borgal,Abo Makah). Different  measurements were used on /13/ features of plant , starting from leaf till seed ,in ordre to study the effect of the Mediterranean vegetation on the morphological characteristics of samples taken from  these sites. The results showed variability at the level (5%)  superiority the Kassab site, in addition to superiority the tree (k1 )which followed Kassab of length of the leaf (8.03), length of fruit(1.49),and length of stone(1.26). It was dissimilarity of all other types.in the same  site and the different  sites.  This research shows that there is an effect of Mediterranean vegetation on morphological characteristics of Laurus nobilis.

Keywords:Laurus nobilis, Mediterranean vegetation ,Morphological.

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