Assessment of the Performance of Steel Slag as a Persulfate Activator for Removal of Methylene Blue From Aqueous Solution

Alaa Soubh * (1) and , Suleiman Mohammad (1)

(1). Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Tartous University, Tartou, Syria

(*Corresponding author: Alaa Soubh , Email:

Received:21/05/2021          Accepted:13/02/2022


In this research, the performance of steel slag (SS) as an activator of persulfate (PS) for the removal of the Methylene blue (MB). This research has been done in graduate faculty of environment, university of Tehran, during the year 2018.The experiments were conducted in a batch reactor. The SS was obtained from the Esfahan Steel Company. X-ray diffraction (XRD) and field emission scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM) and energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) analysis were used to investigate the characteristics of the SS. The effects of SS dosage (0-5 g L-1), PS concentration ratio (1-5 mmol L-1), and reaction time (0-180 min) on the removal of MB was studied. The results showed that the Maximum removal efficiencies at optimize operational conditions (SS concentration 4 g L-1, PS concentration: 4 mmol L-1 and reaction time: 45 min) was 84.76%. The addition of SS (4 g L-1) to PS led to about a  7-times increase in removal rate constants of MB. The results confirmed the performance of (SS) as a (PS) activator for the  removal of MB from aqueous solution.

Keywords: Steel slag (SS), Persulfate (PS), Methylene blue (MB), Removal.

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