Effect of Using some Fertilizers and Spraying with Citric Acid on some indicators of Vegetative Growth and leaf Content of Total Chlorophyll and Iron element for Clementine Mandarin Trees Grown in Calcareous Soil

Hanan jnad *(1), Georges makhoul (1), Abd-Alaziz boeissa (1), and   Ali Elkhateeb(2)

(1). Agriculture College, Tishreen University, Lattakia, Syria.

(2). General Commission Agriculture Scientific Research, Lattakia, Syria.

(*Corresponding author: Hanan jnad.Email: hgalaxy7@gmail.com)  

Received: 29/12 /2021                Accepted: 7/03/2022


The research was carried out in two successive seasons in private Citrus orchard to study the effect of different sources of organic fertilizers and spraying with citric acid on some characteristics of vegetative growth and the content of leaves of total chlorophyll and iron element of Clementine mandarin trees grafted on Sour Orange and planted in calcareous soil, and the age of trees 17 years planted at a distance 5 m. The following treatments were used: mineral fertilizer, Compost(organic fertilizer of plant origin) Poultry manure and Cow manure(organic fertilizer of animal origin), Humic compounds. The added quantities were determined on the basis of the standardization of the effective nitrogen ratio(1000 g/effective N/tree).Spraying with Citric acid at a concentration of (1g/L) was used. the results showed the superiority of treatments mineral fertilization and poultry manure in the percentage increase of tree canopy volume(20.92- 20.63)% compared to the other studied treatments while poultry manure treatment superior in the average leaf area (24.26 cm²). treatments of poultry manure and mineral fertilization (control) were recorded the hights content of dry matter in leaf(42.25-42.17%) respectively.as an average for both seasons. And for the leaves content of total chlorophyll and iron element, the treatment of poultry manure in both indicators was superior compared to the studied fertilization treatments as an average for both seasons (2.123 mg/g fresh weight-113.1 ppm) respectively. with regard to spraying with citric acid, the results indicated that the treatments sprayed with the acid were significantly superior to treatments that were not treated with the acid in most of the studied indicators.

Keywords: Clementine, Citric acid, poultry manure, Compost, Humic compounds, Cow manure.

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