Economic Analysis of Sugarcane Crop Production in Elguneid Scheme,Sudan (1997-2017)

Elsayed E.M. Elnagarabi *(1 ) and Ghada A.B.E. Tarab(2)

(1) Department of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Gezira, Wad Medani, Sudan.

(2) Elgunid Scheme, Gezira State, Sudan.

(*Corresponding author: Elsayed Elsir Mustafa Elnagarabi E-mail:  )

Received: 4/04/ 2021                   Accepted: 26/05/ 2021


The main objective of this paper was to estimate Cobb-Douglas production function and supply response function of sugarcane for Elguneid Scheme during the period1997-2017 The paper utilized time-series data obtained from the scheme’s statistics reports and publications and depended on quantitative analysis. Results revealed that irrigation, labour, fertilizer, pesticides and cultivated areas affected sugarcane production. The coefficient of determination R2 was 0.99% implies that there is highly positive relationship between production and the above variables. The supply response in the long run is inelastic. The paper recommends vertical and horizontal expansion of sugarcane production, introduction of smart technologies and adoption of good quality sugarcane varieties policies for sugarcane production and productivity.

Keywords:Cobb-Douglas production functionsupply response function  time series data, vertical and horizontal expansion, smart technologies.

Full paper in Arabic: pdf