Propagation of Cupressocyparis leylandii (A.B.Jacks and Dallim.) by Stem Cuttings on Some Agricultural Medium

Hazar Wakil*(1) Hasan Alla Aldin(1) and Talal Amin(1)

 (1).Forestry and Environment Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Tishreen University, Lattakia, Syria..

(*Corresponding author: Eng.Hazar Wakil.

Received: 01/11/2019                                Accepted: 28/12/2020


This research aimed to the study of the propagation of stem cuttings of the Leyland cypress on three types of agricultural medium which were:the sand, turf and a mixture of turf and sand by percent of 1:1by  using IBA hormone in a concentration of (8000ppm). The work was conducted into the greenhouse Tishreen center of the Directorate of Agriculture, Lattakia. The experiment was designed by complete randomized blocks with four replicates for each treatment and 20 cuttings in each replicat. The experiment conducted in March 2019 and lasted for 4 months.The results were as follow: The mixture medium was the best for rooting where the percentage reached (66.7%), whereas in turf was (50.7%) and in sand (25.3%). The average of the length of the main roots was the highest in sand that it reached (9.80 cm), whereas the length was reduced in the mixture medium to (7.74 cm) and in the turf to (6.85). The use of IBA hormone increased the percentage of rooting from (0%) in the control treatment to (66.7%) to the cuttings treated with hormone.

Keyword: Leylandii cypress, Stem cuttings, Agricultural Medium, Rooting

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