Morphological characterization of some species of Thymus spp. spread in Lattakia’s  forestry

Malak Saboh* (1) and Talal Ameen(1)


 (1)- Department of Forestry and Ecology, Faculty of Agriculture, Tishreen University,
Lattakia, Syria.

(*Corresponding author: Malak Saboh. E-Mail:

Received: 13/08/2020                                Accepted: 25/09/2020


The study was conducted during 2018-2019 on some species of Thymus spp. spreaded in Lattakia’s  forestry. Morphological characteristics of the species identity has been determined based on study of 21 phenotypic characteristics for 36 genotypes belonging to three species of Thymus spp. which were Thymus capitatus Hoff. (Snobar Jableh), Thymus syriacus Bioss (Solas, Kasab) and Thymus cilicicus Bioss ( Al-Dalia) . Morphological indicators were used depending on formal characteristics of the leaves ,flowers ,fruits , and seeds. The morphological characterization results were analyzed using the statistical program NTSYS  and using Cluster analysis according to (UPGMA) method . Cluster analysis showed that the genotypes were divided into three separate groups. Each group included all the distinctive species. The morphological variance rate reached  93%.

Keyword: Thymus spp., morphological characterization, Cluster analysis

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