Evaluation of Leaf Area and Net Assimilation Rate of Peanut ‎Under the Effect of Seeds Size and Spraying with Bread Yeast ‎‎(S. cereviciae)‎

Mohammad Abdel Aziz*(1)

(1). Crops Field Department. Faculty of Agriculture. Tishreen University. Latakia. Syria.

(*Corresponding author: Dr. Mohammad Abdel Aziz. E-Mail: mabdelaziz74@hotmail.com).

Received: 05/04/2019                               Accepted: 07/05/2019


The experiment was carried out during 2015 and 2016 seasons at Arab EL-Melk Village, Banias area, Tartous Governorate, Syria, to study the effect of seed size of peanut plant (mixture, small, medium and large) and spraying bread yeast (control, one spray and twice) on plant leaf area (PLA), leaf area index (LA), net assimilation rate (NAR) and yield and dry mater per plant. The experiment arranged according to split plot in a randomized complete block with four replications. The size of seeds allocated in the maine plots and the yeast sparing  in the sub plots. The large seeds gave better plant leaf area (1653.34) , leaf area index (2.22), yield (64.69) g, net assimilation rate of dry pod (0.216) ton/ha/week and dry mater (0.561) ton/ha/week, compared to the other seeds sizes. The spraying with bread yeast once and twice significantly increased for all parameter studied compared to the control, and the spraying twice gave better LA (1678) , LAI (2.25), yield pod/plant (63.68)g, NAR of pods (0.247) ton/ha/week and NAR for dry matter (0.576) ton/ha/week. The interaction between (large size seeds x twice sprays) gave the highest values in PLA (1820.50) <size seeds Xith minetioed above LAI (2.48), yههield plant (73.01) g, NAR for dry pods (0.266) ton/ha/week and (0.597) ton/ha/week for dry matter. while the interaction between (small seed size with the control). Gave the lowest values. The results indicated that the small seeds should be avoided from planting and bread yeast should be applied for two times, the first at 50% of flowering and the second at full flowering plants, because these treatments gave high production.

Key word: Peanut, Seed size, Bread yeast, Leaf area, Net assimilation rate.

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