Hydrologic and Climatic Study of Tal-Aldara Watershed in ‎Salamieh, Syria

Jamil Abbas(1) Karim Al Hamwi(2) and Dima Khalil*(1)

(1). Forestry and Environment Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Aleppo University, Aleppo, Syria.

(2). Al Aga Khan Institution for Development, Salamieh, Syria.

(3). Directorate of Crops, Agricultural Research Center in Salamieh, General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research GCSAR, Damascus, Syria.

(*Corresponding author: Eng. Dima Khalil. E-Mail: Dimakhalil411@gmail.com).

Received: 02/09/2019                               Accepted: 23/12/2019


The research was carried out at Salamieh District (Tal-AlDara, Watershed), during the year of 2012. The hydrologic study of the basin (rainfall, flow, evapotranspiration and storage) was executed to identify the water balance of the basin. Monthly and annually rainfall were studied for 18 hydrologic years. The results showed that the average of the annual rainfall of the studied years was (279 mm), and the flow was (45.3 mm), while ETP was (2247.1 mm) and ETR was (279.1 mm). The study of storage showed shortage in the annual water balance over studied years during the storage from November to April. The available stored water in the soil was (120 mm), and according to the income of water to the basin which reached (14.4 m.m3), the area that could be irrigated is about more than 66% out of the studied area of the basin at water requirement of 6000 m.m3.

Key words: Rainfall, Flow, Evapotranspiration, Water balance.

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