Analytical Study of Cherry Production in Latakia ‎Governorate. Case Study: Al-Haffah Region

Samah Mohammad Ahmad*(1) and Ghassan Yacoub(2)

(1). Department of Plant Production, Directorate of Agriculture, Lattakia, Ministry of Agriculture, Damascus, Syria.

 (2). Department of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of  Agriculture, Tishreen University, Lattakia, Syria.

(* corresponding author: Eng. Samah Mohamed Ahmed, Email:

Received: 25/08/2019                               Accepted: 10/11/2019


This search aims to calculate production costs of all service operations provided to the cherry tree during the production season and calculating some of its economic indicators. The study was carried out during 2017 in Al-Haffah area with the help of a questionnaire which distributed to 95 farmers. Prices and costs were also based on the same year. The results found that the total costs per dunum planted with cherries equal (151882 s.p). Total output value was (700000 s.p), profit from dunum was (548118 s.p), profitability ratio based on costs was (3.6), while profitability coefficient based on invested capital was (21.6), and the economic efficiency attained (4.6). The trend of the development of the area and production in Al-Haffa showed that the linear model was suitable. Significant increases were recorded at the level of 5% at a rate of (6.13 ha per year) from the average value of (302.9 ha). The quadratic model of the development of production showed a significant increase at the level of 5%, representing 36.63% of the average production value which reached about (1627.6 tons), then production began to decrease significantly to about 2.34% of the average value. The study recommends that farmers should be encouraged to grow cherry trees, whether basic or bearing, because of their economic feasibility. Try to find the way to support farmers in terms of input requirements, and establish extension courses for farmers to guide them to provide the best services for the cherry crop.

Key words: Cherry orchards, Production costs, Profitability ratio.

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