Vol 6 No 3 September 2019


Vol 6 No 3 September 2019




Quantitative Flow of Water, Sugars and Organic Acids in Individual Grape Fruits During Maturity

Rezk Shahood* and Charles Romieu


– Study the Effect of Hybridization of Some Olive (Olea europaea L.) Varieties on the Qualitative and Quantitative characteristics of Fruits and Seeds

Tala Al Fozo*


-The Effect of Organic Farming System on Some Soil Characteristics and Productivity Indicators of Olive Variety Doebli

Ghada Kattmah* Georges Makhoul, Soheel Makhool,  Mohamad Al Naddaf, Mohamad Ahmad, Nizar Hamoud, Wisam Massa and  Mahmoud Dawood


-Studying Seeds Germination Physiology and Pollen Grains Palynology of Some Prunus cerasia Blanche Shrubs Prevailing in the Syrian Coast

Haitham Ismael, Hafez Mahfoud and Mohammad Nizam*


-Study of Relationship Within Some Species of Genus Astragalus in the Syrian Flora Using Seeds Characteristics

Walid Ali Ali *


-Genetic Diversity of Some Wheat (Triticum durum) Genotypes Using SSR Technique

Reham Abo Al-Kanj*, Ghinwa Lababidi and Naim Al-Husien


-Characterization of Growth Curve for Local Cattle Groups at Al-Yadoda Station, South of Syria

Osama Alsheblak* and Khaled Alnajjar


-The Effect of Addition of Diets Pigmentation Colour on the Feeding and Growth of Carp Cyprinus carpio (L.1758) Juvenile under Lab Conditions

Khalid William Farnar and Qusay Hamid Al-Hamadany*


-Prevalence of Ticks in Cows and Identification of its Genera and Species in Hama Governorate (Syria)

Abdul Naser Al-Omar* and Morshid Kassouha


-The Effect of Organic Chromium Supplementation on Some Productivity Parameters of Japanese Quail

Ahmed Sinan Ahmed Al-Obeidi, Ali Mohammed A. Rahim Al-Azzawi*, Mohammad Saleh Latif Al-Obaidi, Marwan Hashim Hasballah and  Nour Hussein Alwan


– Determination of Genetic Persistency of Milk Production on Shami Goats under Semi-Intensive Rearing System

Hadil Obaid*, Kamel Fatal, Abd Al-Naser Al-Omar, and Emad Al-Masri


– Growth and Reproduction of Largemouth Bennini Cyprinion macrostomum in Tigris River, Iraq

Ameer Suood Alwan Hamad* and Nehad Khorsheed Wahab


-Study the Farmer’s Adoption of Agricultural Recommendations Regarding Date Palm in Wadi Al-Jah, Yemen

Ali Hassan Obaid Khalil*


-Analytical Study of the Most Important Factors Affecting Empowerment of Rural Women in Daraa, Syria

Fayez Jadallah Al-Mikdad*, Wael Zaki Habeeb and Hani Soleman Al-Hassoun


-Labor Lack and its Implications on Agricultural Production in Tartous Governorate

Leen Almukaddem*, Shaza Mayhoob Safaa Ahmad and Faten Edrees


-Study of Genetic Variability and Traits Correlations in Some Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) Genotypes under Wet and Dry Conditions in Syria

Abdullatef Ahmad Al-Assaf*, Mohammad Shafik Hakim, Mohammad Fadi Basmaji and Stefania Grando


-Using SSM Model to Simulate Growth of Durum Wheat “Cham 7” Under Gradual Levels of Supplemental Irrigation

Ahmad Shams Aldien Shaaban*, Ahmad Alhafez, Abdullah Al-Yousef and Osama Al-Issa


– Effect of Osmotic Potential Induced by Polyethylene Glycol (PEG6000) on the Germination of Five Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) Varieties

Loubana Al-Saleh, Bashar Hyass and Fadi Abbas*


-Determination of Selection Indices in Soybeans (Glycine max L.) Genotypes under the Effect of Water Stress

Mohamad Nael Khattab*, Nabil Habib and Sahar Hanifa


-Effect of Spraying with Humic Acids and Nitrogen Fertilizer on Some Growth and Productivity Traits of Maize

(Var. Gouta82)

Wafaa Suleiman Khedr*


-Effect of Sheep Dung and Phosphor Fertilizer on Growth and Yield of Vicia faba L.

Mohanad Rayed Azzam*


-The Effect of Row Direction on the Productivity Traits of Some Sweet Corn Genotypes (Zea mays L. saccharata. sturt)

Lubna Hydar*


– Ability of Natural Zeolite Ore to Bind Cadmium from Aqueous Solutions

Batool Salameh* and Leila Habib


-Phytochemical Detection and Antimicrobial Activity of Centaurea ptosimopappa

Abdel Aleem Bello and Tawfik Al-Boshi*


-Effect of Drainage Water on Some Soil Properties and Production of Quinoa, Study of Water and Fertilizers Requirements

Mohammad Manhal Al-Zubi *, Haitham Eid, Mohammad Hakkoun, Mahmoud Barhoum, Razan Karfoul, Mahmoud Asaad, Khattar Darwish, Nawar Al Jrdi and Yamen Ahmad


– Applying Spectral Wheat Yield Prediction Program in Al-Raqqa Governorate Under Crisis Conditions

Nasser Ibrahem*, Hayan Abo-Karam and Ali Ismail


-Study of Some Physical and Chemical Properties of El-Sen River Waters in Syrian Coastal Basin

Taher Cheikho, Mahmoud Haj Issa and Hadi Dayoub*


-Effect of NPK Fertilization on the Productivity of Black Seed and Nutritional Balance Determination by Applying Diagnosis and Recommendation Integrated System (DRIS)

Abd Al-ghani Khurshid, Wasem Adla, Ahmad Kattaa and Obaydah AlKatib*


-Net Profit Index Resulting from the Application of Agricultural Treatments Against Maize Stem Borers

Ebraheem Al-Jouri*


-A Survey of Wheat Rust Diseases in Al- Hassakeh Governorate

Alan Remo*


-The Effect of Biological Control of Two Spotted Spider Mite Tetranychus urticae Koch by Using the Predatory Mite Phytoseiulus Persimilis Athias-Henroit on Growth and Productivity of Some Climbing Beans Cultivars

Riad Zidan, Mohammad Ahmad, and Alisar Shaabow*

399-411 -The Development of Peacock Eye Disease Caused by Spilocaea oleagina on Khadairy Olive Variety in Latakia Governorate

Samer Ghanem*, Mohamed Tawil and Sabah Al-Maghribi


-Insects Associated with Sooty Mold Disease Alternaria alternata on Trees in Omer El-Mukhtar University Periphery, Libya

Zahra Ibrahim El-Gali*, Eman Gebreal Abdul-Raff and Kamlla Abdel-Rahim  El-Wahsh


-Study of the Distribution of Phytophthora Species on Strawberry and Evaluation their Damages in Tartous Governorate, Syria

Abd Alrahman Khafta*


-The First Record in Syria of the Heart Shaped Soft Scale Insect Protopulvinaria pyriformis (Cockerell) Homoptera: Coccidae and Recording its Predator Cryptolaemus montrouzieri Mulsant (Coleopteran: Coccinellidae)

Rafeek Abboud*, Majedah Mofleh, Raeed Sbaih and Mohammad Ahmad


-Interaction Between Agricultural Extension and Barley Farmers and the Most Important Problems of Production in Sweida Governorate

Safwan Abou Assaf*, Bassam Al Atalah, Ghada Janoud and Remal Saab


-The Replacement Effect of Soybeans by Potatoes and Eggplant Peels on Common Carp Cyprinus carpio L. Juveniles Growth

Khalid William Farnar*


-Genotype x Environment Interaction and Stability for Grain Yield of Buckwheat (Fagopyrum Tataricum Geartn)

Manoj Kandel* and Jiban Shrestha


-Effect of Host-Plant on Life Table Parameters of Potato Tuber Moth

 Phthorimaea operculella (Zeller)

Gassan Youssef*


– Micropropagation of Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Khadhrawy cv.

Wathiq Abdulmajeed*, Zahra Al- Hattab, Mahmood Al- Ani, Shuker Ebraheem and Jabbar Jabr