Study of Relationship Within Some Species of Genus Astragalus in the Syrian Flora Using Seeds Characteristics

Walid Ali Ali *(1)

(1). Tartous Agriculture Research Center, General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research (GCSAR), Damascus, Syria.

(*Corresponding author. Dr. Walid Ali. E-Mail:

Received: 02/05/2018                                Accepted: 01/10/2018


Morphological, anatomical and physic-mechanical characters were studied for 10 Astragalus species which were: A. asterias , A. boeticus , A. brachyceras , A. corrugatus , A. guttatus , A. hamosus , A. oxyglottis , A. schemperi , A. tribuloides and A. trimestris at El Jemmaseh Station, Tartous Research Center in 2017/2018, to characterize the seeds of the studied species and  determine the importance of these characters at systematic in classification and genetic relationship within the same genus. The results of cluster analysis exhibited two main groups with similarity level of 25. The first group included one species A. boeticus, while the second group split into two sub-groups which included: A. hamosus, A. trimestris, A. asterias, A. oxyglottis, A. brachyceras, A. tribuloides, A. corrugatus and A. guttatus.

Key Words: Astragalus, Seeds, Morphology traits, Physic-mechanical traits.

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