The Effect of Growth Regulator, Time Collection and Type of Cutting on Rooting of Kiwi (Actinidia chinensis) Male Tree Cutting

Imad Bilal*(1)

(1). Latakia Research Centre, General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research (GCSAR), Damascus, Syria.

Received: 06/06/2018                                Accepted: 07/09/2018


The present investigation was carried out at Latakia Agricultural Research Center, during (2011-2013), to study the propagation of male kiwi trees by wooden cuttings at two collecting dates (January and February). NAA and IBA regulators were applied at two concentrations (5000, 6000 ppm). In addition, of four treatments of the mixture of both regulators. The cuttings were planted within a glasshouse for 60 days under sprinkle irrigation conditions in order to study the effect of some factors (collecting date, location of cuttings on shoot, type of regulator and its concentrations) on some characters of cuttings (rooting ratio%, weight and size of roots, and weight and size of shoots. The results showed that the first collecting date (January) was significantly better in terms of weight and number of roots and shoots and rooted cuttings number. The rooting ratio was 64.9%, 54.3% respectively. According to cutting location on the shoot, the middle and basal cuttings were exceeded significantly the typical one in term of roots weight (20.31, 19.81, 15.55 g respectively) and also according to root size (20.55, 20.06, 15.57 cm3 respectively). The NAA and IBA regulators; had different effects, where the regulator (NAA) was significantly superior to the regulator (IBA) and the mixture treatments in terms of the average number of roots / cuttings. While the shoot weight and size were higher at IBA and mixture treatments than NAA. The mixture treatment 3000 ppm of (IBA + NAA) gave high values of roots weight and size. The treatment of 1500 ppm of mixture (IBA+ NAA) was significantly superior compared to the other treatments in terms of the number of rooted cuttings (75%) comparing to the control (28%).

Keywords: Kiwi (actinidia chinensis ), Male trees, Wooden cuttings, Collecting dates, Plant growth regulators.

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