The Effect of Covering Rows with Polyethylene on Growth and Productivity of Two Eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) Genotypes

Ahmad Jarjanazi*(1) and Safaa Arafa(2)

(1). Second Faculty of Agriculture, Aleppo University, Aleppo, Syria.

(2). Technical Agricultural Institute, Albaath University, Homs, Syria.

(*Corresponding author: Dr. Ahmad Jarjanazi. E-Mail:  

Received: 22/08/2017                                Accepted: 14/10/2017


This research was conducted to determine the effect of covering rows with two types of transparent and black polyethylene on the growth and productivity of two genotypes of eggplant (Alwardi and Black) under the conditions of Bseren, Hama government, Syria during 2014 season. Split plots design was used in this experiment, with three replications. The results showed that covering rows with polyethylene has a positive effect on the vegetative growth of eggplant in comparison with the control. This was reflected positively on production and early maturity. Eggplants genotypes that were covered with transparent polyethylene exceeded significantly the other eggplants genotypes that were covered with black polyethylene in all the studied traits. The early maturity was clear for covering plants with both transparent and black polyethylene slices in comparison to the control during the first month of picking up fruits. Both treatments of covering exceeded the control in terms of productivity by 46.14% and 20.41%, respectively.

Key words: Eggplant, Soil covering, Polyethylene slices, Productivity.

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