Effect of Drought Stress and Plant Densities on some Morphological and Productivity Traits of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench)

Jasim Al-Turky(1), Saleh Al-Moustafa(2)*and Lenda Al.Hamad Al.Mfreg(1)

(1). Field Crop Department, Faculty of Agriculture Engineering, Al-Furat University, Dier-Ezzor, Syria                                                                                            

(2). General Commission of Scientific Agricultural Research, Dier-Ezzor, Syria.  

(*Corresponding author: Saleh Al-Moustafa , Email akdryd34@gmail.com)

Received:1/09/2022              Accepted: 24 /10 / 2022


The field experiment was conducted at the Research Stations of Salo in Dier-Ezzor Agricultural Research Center, during the seasons of 2020 and 2021 to evaluate effect different of  irrigation intervals and plant densities on some morphological and productivity traits for Sorghum bicolor (Azraa 7), The design of the experiments was Randomized Completely Block Design with the arrangement of split plot design with three replications, irrigation intervals occupied main plots (included irrigation 12, 20 and 28 days) while the plant densities (57000, 71000 and 95000 plant/ha-1) occupied sub plots. Results showed that full irrigation treatment (12 days) was significantly superior in all studied trait i.e. plant height, leaf area, grain yield/plant, weight of 1000 grain, grain yield, in both seasons. Plant densities had significant effect on all traits, increasing plant densities from 57000 to 95000 plant/ha-1 by changing in distance within the plants increasing the values of plant height and grain yield while decreasing in leaf area, grain yield/plant and weight of 1000 grain in both seasons. It could be conclude  the dependent on irrigation at 12 days and density 95000 plant/ha-1 that attained higher value of grain yield.                                                                                                     

Key words: drought stress, plant densities, Sorghum bicolor, grain yield

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