Study of the Effect of Foliar Spraying with Licorice Extract on Growth and Productivity of Dextrite Peach Tree

Soulaf  Al-Jaramany (1)* and  Maher Hassan (1)

(1). Department of Horticultural Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Damascus University, Damascus, Syria.

(*Corresponding author: Soulaf  Al-Jaramany  E-Mail

Received: 22/04/2022                    Accepted:14/10/2022


The research was carried out in Rankous district of Al-Tal district in Damascus countryside during the year 2020 with the aim of studying the effect of spraying with licorice extract on some indicators of vegetative growth and production of the peach tree. The foliar spray was applied using four concentrations of licorice extract (0, 1.5, 3, and 5 g/L), each treatment included 9 trees 8 years old. The experiment was designed according to randomized complete blocks. The results showed that the treatment of foliar spraying with licorice root extract improved the vegetative growth indicators. The leaf area was superior to the foliar area when spraying with the concentration (5 g/l) (43.00 cm2/leaf) and with significant differences between overall treatments and the control that gave the least leaf area (28.00 cm2/leaf). and this was positively reflected in production and productivity indicators, where this treatment was significantly superior in increasing the percentage of set flowers, average fruit weight, productivity, and fruit diameter (51.00%, 101.00 g, 73.26 kg/tree, 6.34 mm, respectively) overall treatments and the control. 31.00%, 62.00g, 40.00kg/tree, 4.65mm respectively).

Keywords: peach, licorice extract, vegetative growth, production.

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