Study the Efficiency of Some Medicinal Compounds Against Infection with Ringworm in Camels Under Intensive Breeding Conditions

Abdel Nasser Omar (1)* and Yasen Almohsen (2)

(1). Scientific agricultural research center of Hama, (GCSAR ), Syria.

(2). University of Hama, Veterinary medicin, Hama, Syria.

(* Corresponding author. Abdel Nasser Omar: Email:

Received: 15/11/2021                 Accepted: 19/03/2022


 study was carried out on 24 heads of camels infected with ringworm, were the age of 5 months to 2 years, clinically affected by ringworms, with relatively similar symptoms and weights, and bred under intensive breeding conditions in Al-Mazreb area in Hama Governorate (Syria) during the period between August and November 2018, aiming to study the effectiveness of some medicinal compounds against infection. Trichophyton species was identified through microscopic test with the help of potassium hydroxide solution 20% by examining hair samples before giving medicines, and the fungal colonies developing on Sabouraud’s dextrose agar (SDA) were tested by glucose The animals were divided into four groups (6 heads in each group), the first group was given Ivermac compound as a subcutaneous injection for two times at 14 days interval, the second group with a Yosycal solution and the third group with a Povimex iodine solution with a concentration of 10% as a topical cream on the lesions of the skin infection for 7 consecutive times at an interval of every two days once for both drugs, the fourth group remained as a control without any drug compound being administered. The results showed isolating two types of Trichophyton, namely: Trichophyton verrucosum (87.5%), and Trichophyton mentagrophytes (12.5%). It was found that a solution of Povimex Iodine at a concentration of 10% was the most and the fastest among the medicinal compounds used, as it led to complete recovery of infected camels by  a ratio of  100% after it was gave within (21) days from the start of treatment compared with the effectiveness of Yosycal and Ivermac solution, where the animals were cured on the day (28) And the day (42), respectively, and the differences were significant at the level of (p> 0.05).The results recorded a clear decrease in the appearance of lesions and fungal spores in the three study groups treated with medicinal compounds, while no decrease was observed in the untreated control group, and the control group animals did not recover completely until the 129th day of the start of the experiment. It was shown that the use of Povimex Iodine 10% solution in the treatment of camels with ringworms is the  best and the fastest effective between medicinal compounds against infection.

Key words: Ringworm, Camel, Medicinal Compounds.

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