Control of Cercospora Leaf Spot Disease Caused By Cercospora beticola on Swiss Chard by Aqueous Extract of Some Plants

Mohammed, A. Fayyadh (1)* and  Ridha, S. Baqer (1)

(1). Plant protection Department, College of Agriculture, University of Basrah,

(*Corresponding author: Dr. Mohammed, A. Fayyadh. E-Mail:  

Received: 20/12/2021        Accepted:9/02/2022


This experiment was conducted at the College of Agriculture/ University of Basra for the period from 2020-2021 with the aim of evaluating the effectiveness of aqueous extracts of oleander, henna, bitter melon,  wormwood, , pomegranate peels, carps and eucalyptus to control of Swiss chard leaf spot disease caused by Cercospora beticola. The results of the study showed that the aqueous extract of the cinnamon and carps achieved the highest percentage of inhibition of the growth of the pathogenic fungus, which amounted to 92.71 and 79.44%, respectively, while the lowest percentage of inhibition of fungus growth was recorded in the treatment of wormwood extract, which amounted to 61.99%. The results of the field experiment showed that spraying aqueous extracts of Cinnamon, Henna and Carps reduced the severity of infection with the fungus C.beticola on swiss chard to 20.24 and 20.27% compared to the control treatment, which amounted to 44.31%. The water extracts also reduced the area under the disease progress curve AUDPC from 1269.76 in the control treatment to 408.6 and 562.3 in the treatment of the pesticide Scour and the extract of the Cinnamon respectively.

Keyword: leaf spot ، plant extract ، C.beticola ، Chard.

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