Study of Some Phenological, Morphological and Productive Characteristics of some Genotypes of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

Nizar Harba (1), Muhammad Nael Khattab( 1), Marine Al-Salama(1)*

(1). Department Of Field Crops, Faculty Of Agriculture, Tishreen- University, Lattakia, Syria.

(*Corresponding Author: Marine Al-Salama. E-mail:

Received: 28/03/2021                          Accepted: 21/02/2022


The research was carried out on the campus of Tishreen University during the agricultural season 2020 AD, according to the design of randomized complete sectors (RCBD) and with three replications in order to study the most important phenological, morphological and productive characteristics of some genotypes of spring chickpea, which are (210C, 324C, 322C, 257C, 154C), obtained by The Agricultural Scientific Research Center in Damascus, and some genetic indicators of the studied traits were estimated to select the best ones and benefit from them in the programs of breeding and improving this crop to develop varieties of chickpeas for the desired traits and adapted to the environment and local conditions. The 322C model outperformed all the studied primroses (92.66 days), and the 324C model was distinguished over all the cultivars in terms of plant height (56.55 cm), number of leaves (49.99), and harvest index (33.15%). In addition, the 210C is distinguished on all models by the characteristics of the number of main branches (2.55) and the number of pods / plant (15.55 centuries). The 257C model was distinguished on all models by the characteristics of seed weight per plant (10.08 g), weight of 100 seeds (31.02 g), productivity (1656.1 kg / ha), and biological yield (4999.21 kg / ha), and the characteristic of productivity kg / h was strongly positively correlated. Significantly with biological yield traits (r = 0.97**) and seed weight per plant (r = 0.96**), they were associated with relatively high degrees of heritability and thus the possibility of selection for yield trait through selection for the aforementioned traits.

Key words: spring chickpea, degree of heritability, genetic progression, correlation coefficient.

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