Study of the Physical and Functional Properties of Arabic Gum

Ali Hamdi *(1) and Sabiha Ahmed (1)

(1). Researcher in the Department of Food Sciences, College of Agriculture and Forestry, University of Mosul, Mosul, Iraq.

(*Corrsponding author: Ali Hamdi. E-Mail:

Received: 22/08/2021                Accepted: 11/03/2022


This research was conducted in the laboratories of the Department of Food Sciences, University of Mosul arabic, and it aim to study the physical   properties of Arabic gum powder it . The results showed that it  pH value of Arabic gum 5.1,  density was 1.013 g/cm³, specific weight was  1.027, refractive index was  1.033, and viscosity was 9.63 centipoise, From this study, the effect of temperature was on the viscosity of gum arabic observed., The highest viscosity reached 9.63 cp at temperatures of 24 °C and it decreased to 6.96 cp  at temperatures of 80 °C, also the viscosity increased at pH 8 and it  decreased at pH 2. The functional properties of Arabic gum were studied , it  found tha,t the swelling percent of Arabic gum was 22.3%, and the solubility Was 39% at 25cº  and it increased to100% at 85 °C. while there is no’t gellin in Arabic gum.       

Key words: Arabic gum, swelling, viscosity, solubility.

Full paper in Arabic: pdf