Productive and Economic Efficiency of The Production of Rainfed Almonds in Homs Province

Rana Al-Mansour *(1) , khetam Idris (2), and  Jamal Al-Ali (1)

(1) Department of Agricultural Economics , College of Agriculture, Al-Baath University, Homas, Syria.

(2) Homs Research, General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research, Syria.

(*Corresponding author, Rana Al-Mansour, E-mail:

Received:22/08/2021          Accepted:4/06/2021  


The research aims to estimate the production functions of almond according to cultivated varieties and to identify the main factors affecting almond production in the province of Homs for 2019 by assessing the economic efficiency indicators of the resources used to measure the impact of each element used in almond production on the volume of production. In addition to determining the production phase in which the production is implementing by the sample farmers. It has relied on the achievement of its objectives on the multiple regression method in estimating the production functions of the primary data collected through face-to-face interview with the farmers in the eastern district of  Homs province. The results indicated that the varieties of almond grown for green consumption (Auja – Frog) had the highest productivity compared with the rest of the cultivated varieties in the studied area, reaching (245.2) and (241.51) kg/dunum,respectively, followed by the French almond variety, where its productivity reached (164.7) kg/dunum; whereas, the lowest productivity was for the municipal variety amounted to (104.48) kg/dunum. It was also found that the productive elasticity’s of all almond varieties in the sample operate in the first phase of increased production. They reflect the revenue of the decreasing capacity. At the economic efficiency level, it has become clear that the economic efficiency limit of the factors considered has not been reached. The economic efficiency factor has increased in value compared to the standard limit, i.e., another combination of production inputs can be used to make the value of marginal output equal to the opportunity cost, enabling increased production and higher production efficiency of farmers in the studied area.

Keywords: Almond Production – Production Functions – Production Efficiency – Production Flexibility – Economic Efficiency Factor.

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