Sheep Residue and Nitrogen Fertilization Levels and Their Interaction on Some Growth and Yield Characteristics of Wheat Plant (Triticum aestivum L.) (cv. Sham 6)

                     Irfan Aswad Al-Hamd (1)  and  Abdul Razzaq Jarbu (2)

(1): Department of Soil and Land Reclamation – Faculty of Agriculture at Deir Ezzor – Euphrates University.

(2): Department of Soil and Land Reclamation – Faculty of Agriculture at Hasaka – Euphrates University .

(*Corresponding author Irfan Aswad Al-Hamd . Mobile (0932799099) – Email:

Received: 8/4/2020                                    Accepted: 23/11/2020


In order to find the optimum fertilizer levels from fermented sheep waste and nitrogen fertilizer for wheat plants (variety Sham 6) grown in clay soil, the potted experiment was carried out during the year (11/15/2017) according to the RCBD design and with three replications, the research included two factors: fertilization With fermented sheep waste with three levels (0, 10 and 20) tons / hectare, symbol for it (M0, M1 and M2 Ton / hectare) , and nitrogen fertilizer in four levels (0, 80, 160 and 240 kg N / hectare), symbol for it (N0, N1, N2 and N3) in the form of urea fertilizer (N One third of it was added when planting, the second third after a month of germination and the last third after 60 days of germination. Potassium sulfate (K2O, 50) was added as a source of potassium at a level of 80 kg K2O / ha and triple superphosphate fertilizer as a source of phosphorus (P2O5, 46%). At the level of (100 kg P205 / hectare) when planting. Some vegetative and productive characteristics and some soil indicators were studied.The results confirmed a significant increase in each of (plant height, cm, number of spikes / m2, weight of 1000 grains, g and grain yield, tons / hectare) in the overlap of treatment of fermented sheep waste at two levels (20) tons / hectare with fertilization treatment at level (240). (Kg N / ha), reaching (94.12 cm, 300.12 spikes / m2, 33.47 g and 5328.0) tons / ha respectively. There was also a significant increase in the characteristic of the organic matter when the level of fermented sheep waste (M2) (20) tons / hectare overlapped with the level of nitrogen fertilizer (N1) (80) kg N / ha, as the highest value reached (1.412)%. The highest non-significant value of soil reaction degree (pH) was achieved from the interaction of (no addition of fermented sheep residues) (M0) with nitrogen fertilizer treatment at the level of (80) kg N / ha, as it reached (7.75). The highest value of the electrical conductivity of the soil from the interaction of (not adding fermented sheep residues (M0) with the nitrogen fertilizer treatment was (240) kg N / hectare, reaching (4.64) m / dS.

Key words: Fermented Sheep Manure, Nitrogen Fertilization, Some Growth Characteristics And Wheat Plant Productivity, And Soil Indices.

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