Detection Phytoplasma Using Anatomical Methods and Searching Prevalence on Some Plants in Syrian Coast


                          Mais hijazia(1)*,Salem Rai (1)and Jamal al ahmad(1)

(1).Department of plant protection-Faculty of Agriculture.Tishreen university –Lattakia-Syria

(*Corresponding author:  Mais Hijazia. E-Mail: mais )

Received: 12/10/2020                     Accepted: 14/11/2020


This study was aimed to detect phytoplasma prevalence on some plants host in Syrian coast from 2018 to 2020 through the apparent symptoms that caused, including yellowing ,phyllody, stunting, and witches broom, and by used light microscopy and Diens Stain, in addition to use the symptomatic plants Catharanthus roseus to transmission the pathologic agent. The results showed by using Dien stain and light microscopy on the sections of the infected plants(Pepper, Citrus,Rubus) presence blue regions in the phloem but not seen in the healthy plant and this indicates to presence phytoplasma. The prevalence of phytoplasma was higher in Pepper plant on infection average 13.17% in Lattakia and 11.16% in Tartous, and infection  average on Citrus was 10.59% in Lattakia and 8.9% in Tartous and 6.6% on Rubus in Lattakia.

Keywords: phytoplasma, Syrian Coast, Catharanthus roseus ,Light microscopy

Full paper in Arabic: PDF