Effect of Spectrum Light on Linear Growth and Biomass in ‎Fusarium oxysporum

Ibtesam Mohamed Abedalrhman*(1) and Zahra Ibrahim El-Gali(2)

(1). Department of Biology, Faculty of Education, Omer Al-Mukhtar University, El-Beida, Libya.

 (2). Department of Plant Protection, Faculty of Agriculture, Omer Al-Mukhtar University, El-Beida, Libya.

(*Corresponding author: Ibtesam Mohamed Abedalrhman. E-Mail: islam606721@gmail.com).

Received: 26/07/2020                               Accepted: 15/09/2020


The study was conducted at the Plant Pathology Laboratory, Faculty of Agriculture, Omer Al-Mukhtar University, El-Beida, Libya, in the year 2019 to test the effect of darkness and different color lights on pigment, linear growth and biomass of Fusarium oxysporum, with different color shades such as red, yellow, orange, blue, purple and white. The results showed that different effects of spectrum light were observed in color of pigments with different intensities. Incubation in total darkness increased the linear, growth percentage and fungal biomass. The linear growth resulted maximum in darkness (6.5cm) and minimum in white light (5.3cm). The maximum biomass production was also noticed in darkness (0.608g/l) and the minimum in white light (0.260g/l) of dry weight. 

Keywords: Spectrum light, Fusarium oxysporum, Linear growth, Biomass dry weight. 

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