Influence of Different Skip Feeding Programs on Physiological ‎Parameters of Broiler Chicks

Sarood Samal Shawkat*(1) Saman Abdulmajid Rashid(1) and Zhina Abbas Mohammed(1)

(1). Department of Animal Science, College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences, University of Sulaimani, Iraq.

(*Corresponding author: Sarood Samal Shawkat. E-Mail:

Received: 01/08/2020                               Accepted: 04/09/2020


The objective of this project was to determine the impact of various skip feeding programs on some immune organs and blood parameters in both sexes of broiler. A total of 260 broiler chicks, males and females have been divided into four groups each comprising five replicates of 13 chicks per replicate as follow T1: Control: (Feed is provided continuously and permanently).(T2) Skip every 1 day: (Provide the feed for one day and skip it at the next day and so on until the age of 42 days).; (T3) Skip every 2 days: (Providing the feed for two consecutive days, cutting it the next day, and so on; (T4) Skip every 3 days: (Feed is available for three days in front of the chicks, and chicks were remained without feeding at the next day; the treatments were applied  from 15 days old up to 42 days of age. Skip programs had no significant effects on bursa of fabricius and spleen percentages, while skip every one-day pancreases percentage in males was significant; there was no significant effect on haemoglobin of males. However, packed cell volume (PCV), White blood cells (WBC)s in females and Heterophile percentage in both sexes were significantly affected (p<0.05) by skip programs, also, there was no significant effect on red blood cell (RBC)s, Esophil and basophile percentages in both sexes. Males showed significant compensatory (p<0.05) of lymphocytes percentage than females in T4, but monocytes had no differences in both sexes. There was a minor effect of different skipping on blood biochemical. Glucose and cholesterol concentrations were not affected by treatments in both sexes, while total protein and urea concentration were affected just in females.  

 Key words: Broiler, Skip-a-day feeding, Hematological and Immunity parameters.

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