Evaluation the Improper Household Solid Waste (HSW) ‎Management that Caused Environmental Pollution in Dhaka ‎City

Kamal Krishna Mistry*(1) Md. Harunor-Rashid(1) and Ratna Halder(1)

(1). Department of Botany, Ausmatulla Ideal School and College, Solmize, Basundhara, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

(*Corresponding author: Kamal Krishna Mistry. E-Mail: kkmistryphd@yahoo.com).

Received: 03/07/2020                               Accepted: 23/08/2020


This study was carried out with Household Solid Waste (HSW) management and environmental pollution in Dhaka City (Azimpur Colony), during May 2018 to survey waste management and disposal, and to study water supply, sanitation, HSW management, and drainage services following ranking IV, III, II, I with priority index where householders emphasized to HSW management, also, to record, the majority of people attached to solid waste management (II). In other way, to identify problems of waste disposed of indiscriminately, irregular removal of waste dustbins, waste disposed outside the dustbin and water-logging due to blockage of drains with waste by priority ranked I, II, III, IV. The priority index (0.588) with rank (I) indicated more significant to follow ‘waste disposed outside the dustbin’. However, 50% of respondents preferred average rating of the municipal solid waste management system (rating based) and the maximum respondents (81%) were unsatisfactory and 19% were satisfactory regarding waste disposal of the study area.

Key words: Improper waste management, Waste disposal, Environmental pollution.

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