A Taxonomical and Ecological Study of the Species Drypta ‎lineola Macleay 1825 of Ground Beetles: Order: Coleoptera: ‎Family: Carabidae in Maysan Governorate, Iraq

Hashim Mhawi Tuama Alibadi*(1) andAlaa .S. Jabbar(2)

(1). Agricultural Directorate of Maysan, Iraq.

(2). Collage of Agriculture, University of Basra, Iraq.

(*Corresponding author: Hashim Mhawi Tuama Alibadi, E-mail: hashimmhawi@yahoo.com).

Received: 27/07/2020                               Accepted: 21/09/2020


This study was conducted on a family Carabidae during the period from 1/12/2018 to 30/11/2019 at the province of Maysan, the research included a diagnostic and environmental study of the species  Drypta lineola Macleay 1825,  the classification of species, genera and families of ground beetles on the study of adult insects. The results showed that the aforementioned species was registered in Maysan Governorate / Iraq (Qal’at Salih area). It recorded the highest numerical density of adult insects in April and October , at a rate of 8 adult insects / trap per month. The most important diagnostic character of adult insects: Medium sized insects, elongated and Symmetrical sides; labrum trilobed; antennae long and slender, scape longer than all joints and it had two colors, pronotum almost cylindrical, brown; tarsal joint 4 bilobed; elytra parallel-sided, wide near the top, consisting of two colors.

Key words: Coleoptera, Carabidae, Dryptera lineola, Maysan, Qal’at Salih, Iraq.

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