The Effect of Different Types of Organic Fertilizers on Some Soil Properties and Olive Trees Productivity in Homes Province, Syria

Dima AlSaid(1) Nisreen Nikedly(2) Nabila Kredi(1) Malak Jzaeirly(1) Huda Masalati(2) Salwa Wabeh(2) Lama AlZein(2) Bushra Khozam(2) and Muhammad Manhal AlZoubi*(1)

(1). Natural Resources Administration, General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research (GCSAR), Damascus, Syria.

(2). Agricultural Research Center of Homs, GCSAR, Damascus, Syria.

(*Corresponding author: Dr. Muhammad Manhal Al Zoubi. E-Mail:

Received: 13/07/2017                                Accepted: 01/10/2017


The effect of organic fertilizers (sheep manure, cow manure and olive residue compost) on some soil properties and olive productivity was studied at Homs Scientific Agriculture Research Center, General Commission for Agricultural Scientific Research (GCSAR)/Syria during the seasons 2013, 2014 and 2015. The experiment was designed on the basis of completely randomized block design (RCBD), with five treatments (control, cow manure, sheep manure, olive residue compost and mineral fertilizers), with three replicates. The organic fertilizers were added according to total nitrogen analysis of the organic fertilizers, also, depending on the mineral nitrogen analysis in the soil and the recommendations of Ministry of Agriculture. The results showed an increase in soil organic matter and soil total nitrogen in all treatments amended with organic fertilizers compared to the control. Meanwhile soil total nitrogen was significantly increased in treatment amended with olive residue compost compared to treatment amended with mineral fertilizers. Also, significant difference was noticed in soil available phosphorus in treatments amended with cow manure and sheep manure compared to the control, and in treatment amended with sheep manure compared to mineral fertilizers. Also, available potassium was significantly increased in treatment amended with sheep manure compared to the control. Furthermore, results showed significant differences in oil productivity of cow manure treatment (14.77%) compared to the control (11.27%). According to the yield average of the three seasons, it is concluded a significant increase in olive productivity (4.74, 0.29 and 12.16 ton/ha) respectively in treatment amended with sheep manure compared with the control (1.19, 0.013 and 5.65 ton/ha) respectively.

Key wards: Organic manure, Soil fertility, Olive residue compost.

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