The Effect of Legume Type, Energy Level, and Period of Exposure to Microwaves on the Response of Cowpea Weevil

Callosobruchus maculatus (Fab.) (Bruchidae: Coleoptera)

                              Emad Q. AL-Ebady*(1) and Marwa M. Abdallah(1)

(1). Plant Protection Department, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, Mosul University. Mosul, Iraq.

(*Corresponding author: Dr.Emad Q. AL-Ebady. E-Mail:

Received: 26/07/2018                                Accepted: 10/10/2018


The research was executed at Plant Protection Department during 2017 and 2018 to study the effect of some legume types (Cowpea, Chickpea and pea), and energy level i.e. 200, 500, 800 watts to different exposure times 15, 30, 45 and 60 seconds on the response cowpea weevil to microwave radiation. The results revealed that killing percentage in eggs, larvae, pupae and adults were varied according to the legume type and reached for cowpea, chickpea and pea (46.39, 42.22 and 59.44 % for eggs, but reached 51.39, 48.89 and 63.89 % for larvae, while it accounted 53.78, 43.61 and 45 % for pupae, finally the values were for adults 67.22, 53.89 and 51.11 respectively. The killing percentage mean of the insects stages proportionally increased with increasing the energy level 200, 500, 800 watt and reached 38.06, 46.39 and 63.61 % for eggs, and 44.53, 53.89 and 65.64 % for larvas, and 41.53, 46.39 and 54.46 % for pupas and 42.22, 60 and 70 % for adults. The results also exhibited that the killing percentage of insect’s stages was increased with increasing the exposure times.

Keywords: Microwave radiation, Cowpea weevil, Callosobruchus maculatus.

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