Study Some Rheological Properties of Syrian Durum Wheat Triticum durum Desf. Varieties

Abboud Al Saleh(1) Ebraheem Al-Jouri*(2) and Wisal Al-hommada(1)

(1). Food Science Department, Faculty of Agricultural Engineering, Al-Furat University, DeirEz-Zor. Syria.
(2). Insects Research Department, Plant Protection Research Administration, General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research (GCSAR), Damascus, Syria.(*Corresponding author: Dr. Ebraheem Al-Jouri. E-Mail:

Received: 23/02/2016                                      Accepted: 30/03/2016


This research aims to investigate some rheological properties of three Syrian durum wheat varieties: Sham7, Buhouth9, and Duma1, using the Alveograph to determine some standards such as: resistance, elasticity, inflation factor, and work energy. All tests were carried out in the laboratory of grain technology, Faculty of Agriculture, Alfurat University/Syria, during 2010 and 2011. Results showed significant differences among the averages of dough inflation resistance for the three varieties. Duma1 was superior with resistance average of 61 mm in comparison with the other two varieties Buhouth9 and Sham7, which reached 46, and 39 mm, respectively. The three varieties were significantly varied in their dough elasticity, which reached 94, 59, and 40 mm for Sham7, Buhouth9, and Duma1, respectively. There was a negative correlation between elasticity and resistance in the three studied varieties, with the possibility of directing the variety Buhouth9 for baking and Sham7 for confectionary.

Keywords: Syrian durum wheat, Rheological properties, Alviograph.

Full paper in Arabic: Study Some Rheological Properties of Syrian Durum Wheat Triticum durum Desf.