Effect of Foliar Spray with Some Growth Regulators and Nutrients in The Physical and Chemical Properties and Storability of The Orange Fruits of the Valencia Variety

Aulfat Hasan*(1), Ali  Dib (1) , Ali  Elkhateeb(2) and Ali Ali (3)

(1) Horticulture Department, Agriculture College, Tishreen University, Lattakia, Syria.                    

(2) General Commission Agriculture Scientific Research, Lattakia, Syria.

(3) Department of Food Science, Agriculture College, Tishreen University,, Lattakia, Syria

 (*Corresponding author: Aulfat Hasan. E-Mail: aulfat85@hotmail.com).   

Received: 12/10/2021                      Accepted:27/12/2021


The experiment was carried out during the 2020/2021 season on Citrus sinensis L.var.Valencia trees to study the impact of foliar spray with salicylic acid (150 mg/l),citric acid(500 mg/l), potassium sulfate (2500 mg/l) and Fe(Fe-EDDHA) chelates (500 mg/l) on the physical and chemical properties of fruit and maintain their quality during cold storage. Fruit were harvested at the ripening stage Then they were stored at 4°c and relative humidity (85±5%) for 4 mounths in a storage unit in Tartous city. physical and chemical properties of fruit were assessed every month during storage. The results showed that the spray treatments significantly reduced fruit weight loss during storage, It was (5.91%) from Salicylic acid spray fruit versus (9.88%)  in the control at the end of storage period (after120days). Salicylic acid and citric acid treatments had maintain the highest content of vitamin C (44.73, 43.3 mg/100ml) respectively, compared to control (34.34 mg/100ml) and were superior for all treatments. Salicylic acid spray gave the highest  percent of juice (53.52%) compared to control (45.12%) after 120 days of storage and was superior for all treatments, followed by citric acid and potassium sulfate treatments(52.4,52.38%) without significant differences between them. Salicylic acid and citric acid treatments had more impact than potassium sulfate and iron chelate in maintaining  fruit quality until the end of storage.

Key words: Valencia orange, foliar spray, salicylic acid, citric acid, potassium sulfate, iron chelate, fruit quality, storability

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