Feasibility Study of Apricot Cultivation In Lattakia Governorate

Adham Ryad Alhayek *(1), Mohsen Jahjah (1) and  Omar Farosi (1)

 (1). Department of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agricultural Engineering, Tishreen University, Latakia, syria.                                                                                                                                                           

(*Corresponding author: eng. Adham Al-Hayek: Email: alhayekadham@gmail.com)

Received: 28/12/2019                                 Accepted: 09/06/2020


This research aimed to calculate some feasibility indicators of apricot cultivation in Lattakia Governorate, during the year 2019 through questionnaires was distributed to 347 farmers within the four regions (Lattakia – Al-Hafah – Qardah – Jableh), where it was found that the profit rate reached 60.2%, which was good percentage and the productivity of farm productivity accounted 2.51, and the rentier factor based on production costs was 166.97%, while the profitability factor based on production costs was 151.66%, and marketing costs constitute the largest part of production costs by 46.92%, while the costs of harvesting occupy the second rank by 25.14% of total costs As a result, we must work to enhance apricot cultivation in Lattakia Governorate in mountainous areas, especially the liberated areas, which were rehabilitated and replanted with fruit trees.

Key Words: Apricot – Lattakia – Production Costs – feasibility study.

Full paper in Arabic: PDF