Taxonomic study of Some Ciliatic Species of the Order Hymenostomatida) Family: Parameciidae) in Qoiq River at the North of Syria

     Zainab Badenjki *(1)

(1). Faculty of Science, Aleppo University, Aleppo, Syria.

(* Corresponding author: Email:

Received: 01/10/2020                                  Accepted: 23/11/2020


The order Hymenostomatida is considered as one of the most important orders of the Ciliophora, where its members are contributed to the ecological balance as they form an important cercle in the food chain in aquatic environments. Water samples were collected from one site: Qoiq River, during the period between 25/7/2017 and 27/11/2019, whereas, this work continued over a period of 16 months. The water samples were taken near the bottom at a depth of 30 cm below the surface of the water.

The classification of the ciliated species are considered as an initial step to contribute to the biodiversity map in Syria. The results of this taxonomic study showed the presence of one family: Parameciidae . And we found through it one genera with five species, these species recorded for the first time in the north of Syria. The founded five species are: Paramecium caudatum، P. Multimicronucleatum، P. aurelia ، P. polycaryum ،p.bursaria.

Key words: classification, Ciliate, Hymenostomatida, fresh water, north of Syria.

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