Effect of age and weight of ewe on the growth rates of Awassi lambs

Hasan Emad Almasri(1)*

(1).Department of Animal Production,Faculty of Agriculture,University of Aleppo.

(* Corresponding author: Email: kaba.rami@gmail.com).

 Received: 02/06/2020                     Accepted: 28/07/2020


This study was conducted on a flock of Awassi sheep in Aleppo Governorate – Al-Safira region,Syria during the year 2018/2019. It included 136 animals of Awassi sheep, which is (62 mothers and 74 kids). The data were subjected to the General Linear Model, and a variance analysis was used to study the effect of maternal age and weight on birth weight and weaning and the daily weight gain from birth to weaning for lambs by applying SPSS24. The results showed that there is a highly significant effect of the mother’s age, as the mothers aged 4 and 5 years surpassed those of 2 and 3 years of age in all the studied factors. The mother’s weight did not affect the daily weight gain rate, while the effect was significant on weaning weight, and it was highly significant on birth weight. Moreover, correlation analysis showed a highly significant relationship between the mother’s age and all studied factors. It was highly significant between the mother’s weight with birth weight and significant with weaning weight, and was not significant with the daily weight gain rate. The regression was highly significant for all the studied factors.

Key words: Birth Weight, Weaning, Daily Weight Gain, Lambs, Awassi Sheep.

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