Micro Propagation of the Wild Apple Malus trilobata Lab (The Stages of Growth and Multiplication)

Eyad Dannoura (1),Hafez Mahfoud (1),Ali Deeb (2)

(1). General Commission For Agricultural Scientific Research (GCSAR), Lattakia, Syria.

(2). Department Of Horticulture, Faculty, Of Agriculture, Tishreen University, Lattakia, Syria.

(*corresponding author: Eyad Dannoura.Email: eyed.dannoura@gmail.com )

Received: 21/08/2020                                Accepted: 03/09/2020


The research was conducted in 2016 in cooperation between Tishreen University and the Agricultural Scientific Research Center in Lattakia and the Green House Company in Lattakia (Tissue Multiplication Laboratory), The aim of the research is to determine the best growth medium of type and concentration of growth regulators, where plant parts were obtained from one of the type of the wild apple variety Malus trilobata (Lab) from the Ariza site of the Qardaha Area in Latakia, This study reached a successful and detailed method for micro-vegetative propagation of the wild apple variety Malus trilobata (Lab) (growth and multiplication stage), Which sodium hypochlorite gave good results in superficial sterilizing to small vegetative growths, and the tow concentrations 1 and 0.5 mg / liter of BAP gave respectively the best men for the length and number of growths.

Key word: Wild Apple, Micropropagation, The Stage of Growth and Multiplication.

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