The Effect of Organic Fertilization on the Productivity and Quality Traits of Olive Al-deibli cv. Oil in Homs Governorate, Syria

Abd-Al-Karim Hashem Jerdy* (1) Bassam Ibrahim Oudeh(1), Ossama Naeim Murra (1)Wafaa Hashem Abboud(1)

 (1). Mokhtaria Research Station, Agricultural Scientific Research Center at Homs, General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research (GCSAR), Syria.

 (*Corrsponding author: Abd-Al-Karim Hashem Jerdy .

Received: 15/05/2019                               Accepted: 23/07/2019


This study was held in order to detect the effect of organic fertilization (sheep dung) on the productivity and quality traits of olive cultivar (Al-deibli), during the years 2012 and 2013, at the Agricultural Research Center (Al-Mokhtariah Research Station), General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research (GCSR). This research includes five fertilization treatments as follows: 1st treatment: control (without fertilization), 2nd treatment: 20 m3/ha of organic fertilizer (7360 kg/ha, 32 kg/tree), 3rd treatment: 40 m3/ha of organic fertilizer (14720 kg/ha, 64 kg/tree), 4th treatment: 60 m3/ha of organic fertilizer (22080 kg/ha, 96 kg/tree), 5th treatment: only mineral fertilizers according to the recommendations of Agriculture Ministry. The Results indicated that the productivity was high in the 4th and 3th treatments which exceeds other treatments at level 5%,. Chemical analysis of oil after one year of storage in nitrogen environment, indicated that the oil was stable and that is no self oxidation was occurred, in treatments 3 and 4 comparing with other treatments, were the peroxide values for these two treatments were 11.3 and 11.6 meq O2\kg respectively, comparing with other treatments (1,2,3) which ranged from 17.4 to 18.1 meq O2\kg and the percentages of acidity were 0.32 and 0.42 respectively. Absorbency at 270 nm wave length was less than 0.25 and this responds to IOOC for olive oil. Fatty acids (palmitic – stearic – palmitoeic – oleic – linoleic – linolenic) stay in their normal levels, and changes were at lower levels.

Keyword: Olive, Organic Fertilization (sheep dung), Olive Oil, Quality Traits, Aldeibli cv.

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